A component of the dialogue process is the public consultation. If the Commission intends to amend the Code, it consults in a given period the proposals with the interested general public.

Everyone was invited to send written comments on the proposed amendments and remarks until 15 December 2016. Comments received on time were considered during the final consultancy of the Commission in February 2017.

Since 2016, all statements tendered by companies, associations and from the field of science will be published on the Regierungskommission’s website, unless participants object to a publication.
Please mention it expressively, if you do not wish your comment to be published. Otherwise, we assume your consent.

Within the context of its regular review of the Code, the Commission is this year again following the principle of deleting content that is no longer necessary, providing clarification where sensible, incorporating legislative amendments made in the interim period, and exercising major restraint in terms of material changes.

Please find documents and information on previous consultations under Commission in Dialogue.